Bee Gees ‎– Still Waters - CD *NEW*

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LABEL Reprise

The Gibb brothers have been laying their high, vibrato-laden three-part harmonies over the pop flavor of the day for more than three decades. The trio have enjoyed incarnations as Beatle-esque '60s Brit-poppers, hairy-chested disco kings and high-tech Adult Contemporary stalwarts. In every phase of their career, the band has maintained a high standard of composition and performance, often turning out glossy, overproduced albums, but never releasing anything qualitatively inconsistent with the bulk of their work. STILL WATERS is no exception. Despite the presence of producers like David Foster and Arif Mardin (immediate warning signs of overkill-in-progress), the brothers' Aussie harmonies are as smooth as ever, and they still know how to put together a sugary-sweet pop tune with style and class.

Track Listing:

I Surrender
I Could Not Love You More
Still Waters Run Deep
My Lover's Prayer
With My Eyes Closed
Irresistible Force
Closer Than Close
I Will
Miracles Happen
Smoke And Mirrors