California Soul - Funk & Soul From The Golden State 1967-1976 - Various - CD *NEW*

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LABEL Beat Goes Public / Border Music

This CD kicks off a brand new BGP series which looks at the obscure and wonderful from different areas of American black music. The first collection digs into the West Coast studio scenes that produced so much great street funk and ghetto soul in the late 60s and early 70s. We’d argue the CD presents a compelling case to demonstrate California was the most creative US state as a source of soul music.

Focusing mainly on Los Angeles and San Francisco, the music ranges from the sweet harmonies of the Ballads’ ‘Butterfly’ to the relentless groove of ZZ Hill’s ‘Think People’.
As well as previously unreleased masters by Eleanor Rigby, Chucky Thurmon and Choice Of
Colors, “California Soul” includes the super-rare ‘Strike’ by Union and Little Johnny Hamilton’s ‘The Git Down’ from the rare Watts USA label. There are floor-fillers by Warm Excursion, Brenda George and Little Denise.

Housed in a glorious sleeve featuring a Bill Ray shot of sharply dressed youths at the Watts Tower, it includes a detailed note housed in a fully illustrated booklet.

Track Listing:

If She Wants To Go - Choice Of Colors
Just Ain’t My Day - Entertainers Iv
What You See Is What You Get - Brenda George
Strike - Union
Think People - Zz Hill
The Git Down (Part 1) - Little Johnny Hamilton & The Soul Pack
The Git Down (Part 2) - Little Johnny Hamilton & The Soul Pack
The Feeling - California Soul Explosion
The Man (Y’all Keep On Watching You) - Jesse & Anita
Saturday - Saint Charles
When I Had You Baby - Soul Sensations
Butterfly - The Ballads
Funky With My Stuff - The Natural Resources Unlimited
I’m Gonna Speak Out - Eddie Horan
Check Me Out - Little Denice
Hang Up (Pt1) - Warm Excursion
Pickin’ Cotton - Johnny Talbot & De-Thangs
Tuned In Turned On - Al Robinson
Is It Worth It All - Eleanor Rigby
The Sneak (Vocal) – Douzer
You Don’t Know - The Medallions
Earthquake - Rulie Garcia