Darcy Clay - Jesus I Was Evil - LP *NEW*

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Release Date: 21 September 2018

Darcy Clay was one of the most cutting edge musicians to emerge from the NZ scene in the 90's. In 1997 Antenna released his 6 track EP which featured the cult hit 'Jesus I Was Evil' .

The single was recorded in his bedroom on a 4 track recorder accompanied by a video costing $250 and a bottle of whiskey. It went to number 5 on the national charts, selling gold. 'Jesus I Was Evil' was included in a cult American film called 'I Woke Up Early The Day I Died' (the last ever Ed Wood Script) starring and directed by "Titanic" star Billy Zane.

This re-issue features 12 tracks: the original six (the Bedroom Recordings) and an additional six live tracks ('Songs for Beethoven'), recording during the Blur support slot on October 24 1997 at the North Shore Events Centre.


Side A
Bedroom recordings:
Jesus I Was Evil
What About It
All I Gotta Do
And It Was Easy
In The Middle

Side B
Blur support live tracks
English Rose (live)
All I Gotta Do (live)
It Was Easy (live)
Jolene (live)
What About It (live)
Jesus I Was Evil (live)

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