Don McGlashan - Lucky Stars - CD *NEW*

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LABEL Doncorp Ltd

April 17 see’s New Zealand's pre-eminent songwriter/singer Don McGlashan unveil a rich new collection of
10 highly personal songs exploring love, regret and mortality: Lucky Stars.

With a strong solo career complementing his work with bands Blam Blam Blam, The Front Lawn and The
Mutton Birds, McGlashan has penned many a song that more than a few New Zealanders would consider
for the soundtrack of their lives. With a penchant for reflecting on social events within his songs, the political
is personal in the world of Don McGlashan; his songs pull strings in the most callous of hearts.
Lucky Stars is a very different and emotionally direct album from the award-winning songwriter, composer
and performer Don McGlashan. Putting aside other projects to concentrate on his songwriting, Don
McGlashan started the raw material for this new album during a writer's residence at the Michael King
Writing Centre on Mt. Victoria in Devonport in 2013, crafted others at a bach on the Thames Estuary, then
polished them in Neil Finn's writing room at Roundhead Studio, Auckland with guitarist Tom Rodwell. He
produced them with former Mutton Birds bandmate David Long, (who also contributes some textural guitar,
organ and banjo) and enlisted former Seven Sisters and current Phoenix Foundation drummer Chris

McGlashan acknowledges Lucky Stars contains many songs which are very personal reflections on his own
life and thoughts: “I'm not adopting characters to explore an idea. I still will, but for this album I don't
seem to have so much, not taking on a role to get an idea across . . . so the ‘I’ is generally me in these

And unlike previous albums with the Mutton Birds or those under his own name, these songs enjoy a more
simple and direct sound: “I like albums where there are a lot of people playing and my two solo albums have
quite a lot of big arrangements, but that's not what I needed for this lot… I didn’t add many players, but the
ones who did come on board are such distinctive musicians that they ended up adding more than I dreamed
was possible. Having my old friend David Long there to bounce ideas off was a huge help too.”

“The cool things about songs is they are so small,” he says, “and like any small useful thing they seem
flimsy and lightweight. But a lot of thought has gone into them. Like a lot of thought has gone into a really
good kitchen knife or something made to be used. That's what songs should be really. You want people to
sing them in the shower and to occur to people when they are walking along a beach. And if you're lucky
some of them do.”

McGlashan has five entries in APRA’s 100 Best NZ Songs of All Time and two Silver Scroll wins (“Anchor Me”
in 1993; “Bathe In The River” in 2006). Nick Bollinger of The Listener said this: “One of our most
enduring artists . . . McGlashan is that rare musician who only ever reminds us of himself.”

Track Listing:

Girl, Make Your Own Mind Up
Lucky Stars
Hold On To Your Loneliness
Home To The Other Side
When The Trumpets Sound
For Your Touch
Charles Kingsford Smith
Come Back To Me
On My Way To You
The Waves Would Roll On