Emika - DVA - CD *NEW*

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LABEL Ninja Tune / Border Music

From the darkness can hope be born?

Emika answers this very question in her sophomore album Dva…

DVA is a language, a form of personal expression that comes from and ends with the creative spirit. Produced exclusively by Emika with Executive Producer Hank Shocklee by her side, every song is inspired by a different dimension of oppression and the challenges of a present day creator with the courage to define a space where artistic expression lives free.

The album starts with the Hush Interlude, Emika's journey to her musical roots which led her to Prague where she composed and recorded 2 classical songs for 28 string players and the Czech soprano, Michaela Srumova, members of The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. With Emika's taste for heavy bass-minded writing not far behind, she made arrangements to feature double the usual amount of bass players during her recording.
Following this daring yet completely organic introduction we are transported into a world of dark, pulsating basslines, moody, melodic synths and some of the best and most moving songwriting we've heard in years. A naturally gifted performer and musician, Emika lays out her raw emotion for the world to see on a record that is as comfortable in a dark, electronic dance club as it is on a contemporary music stage. With plans to perform the album in various permutations, such as concert and club dates as well as more experimental classical settings, combined with a personal song by song narrative written to her fans to accompany the album and a striking set of visual imagery created with a well crafted team of experimentalists, the Dva album is as unrelentless as Emika's work ethic which leads us to answer our initial question with a resounding…yes.

Explore for yourself.

Track Listing:

Hush Interlude
Young Minds
She Beats
After the Fall
Sing to Me
Dem Worlds
Primary Colours
Sleep With My Enemies
Wicked Game
Fight for Your Love
Mouth to Mouth
Criminal Gift