Phil's Spectre: Wall Of Soundalikes - Various - LP *NEW*

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James Holvay and Peter Antell. Phil Spector did not produce the tracks on this LP. They all just sound as if he might have. Spector's sessions at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles were celebrated for their extravagance. Using massed voices, an army of musicians and cavernous tape echo, his huge productions possessed a distinct aural identity. Many record producers, songwriters and arrangers attempted to hitch a ride on the Spector bandwagon but few met with his approval. "There's Beach Blanket Bingo, which is you guys," he told producers Charlie Greene and Brian Stone. "And there's me - Fellini. " Here, spanning the period 1963 to 1967, are a dozen convincing mirror images of his Wall of Sound.

1 Who Am I - Jerry Ganey
2 My Girl - Johnny Caswell
3 (Baby) You Don't Have to Tell Me - Bobby Coleman
4 Good-Bye Baby - Maureen Gray
5 He Will Break Your Heart - Kane & Abel
6 You're So Fine - Dorothy Berry
7 All Strung Out - Nino Tempo & April Stevens
8 The Way of the Crowd - Dan Folger
9 Timmy Boy - Timmy & the Persianettes
10 Wishful Thinking - the Knickerbockers
11 I Just Couldn't Say - Lorraine & the Delights
12 Why Can't a Boy and Girl Just Stay in Love - Noreen Corcoran