Axe Heaven: LOVE Magical Mystery Tour Drums - (Ringo Starr) - *NEW*

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Axe Heaven: Miniature Replica – LOVE Magical Mystery Tour Drums (Ringo Starr)

This beautifully handcrafted miniature drum set is made from solid wood and metal parts. The detail is stunning from the hollow bass drum to the mini drum sticks. A great gift and collectible for any Fab Four or music fan! (Please Note: AXE HEAVEN Miniature Replicas look great but are not playable)


AXE HEAVEN® Ornamental Miniature Replica Drum Sets Make Great Gifts!
Comes complete with all the parts shown (minimal assembly required).
Each AXE HEAVEN® ornamental replica drum set is about a 1:4 scale
Individually handmade from solid wood & metal parts.
Each bass drum is approximately 3.5” in width
Packaged in an AXE HEAVEN® Drum case gift box.
These are non-functioning models for die-hard fans.

Please Note: Axe Heaven are individually handcrafted miniature replicas, as such, each piece is unique and may not be completely the same as what is viewable in the pictures. Decals, fittings, and connections may not be 100% accurate due to handcrafting.