SHEPPARD - Kaleidoscope Eyes (coloured + Poster) - LP *NEW*

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As the band — now a core three-piece of founding members and siblings
George, Amy and Emma — prepare to release their third album in Feb 2021,
they’re sounding more assured and effortless than ever, building anticipation
as they have been drip-feeding their irresistible, big-hearted pop in the form of
one track per month throughout 2020.
“Kaleidoscope Eyes is an album dedicated to the wonders of love, in every
form. With love, the world is a more colourful place. Spread it, make it, give it,
feel it, appreciate it, and do your best not to lose it.” - George Sheppard

•1. Kaleidoscope Eyes
•2. Die Young
•3. Don't Believe in Love
•4. Somebody Like You
•5. Animals
•6. Brand New
•7. Looking For Love
•8. Symphony
•9. Midsommar
•10. M.I.A.
•11. Catalina
•12. Solid Gold
•13. Come Back
•14. Thank You
•15. Learning To Fly
•16. Lazy Love