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LABEL Kent Records / Border Music

24 tracks of hip-shaking club soul, and vintage R&B compiled by Ady Croasdell and Dean Rudland.

The selection would have filled mod dancefloors at any time in the culture’s 50+ year history.
“Modernism” mixes tracks discovered during mod’s various reincarnations with records so obscure that they have yet to have their day in the sun. Despite the general level of obscurity there is nolowering of standards.

Bigger names such as Chuck Jackson with ‘Beg Me’, Lou Johnson with ‘Magic Potion’ and Darrow Fletcher on ‘I’ve Gotta Know Why’ are all sought-after masterpieces.

There are a slew of previously unknown gems from the US, including Chet Ivey’s ‘Soul Is My Game’, hidden on a B-side, Leroy Harris’ I’m Gonna Get You’ and the Shirelles unreleased at the time ‘Crossroads In Your Heart’.

The CD sports photographs from Paul Hallam’s critically acclaimed study of 1980s mods, the book Odd and Sods, and in-depth sleeve notes.

Track Listing:

Beg Me - Chuck Jackson
Everybody’s Feelin’ Good - King Carl
I’m Gonna Get You - Leroy Harris
Listen To Me (Baby) - Ralph Ventsha & Red Julain Quartet
Cinderella Jones - Sammy Jones
I Know What I Want - Tommy G & The Charms
Ain’t That Soul - Teddy Reynolds
Crossroads In Your Heart - The Shirelles
Magic Potion - Lou Johnson
Soul Is My Game - Chet “Poison” Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers
I’ve Gotta Know Why - Darrow Fletcher
Tee Na Na Na Na Nay - Eddie Bo
We Gonna Rub Part 1 - Joe Johnson
I’m On The Move - Joe Mayfield
Night Beat - Kenny Smith & The Loveliters
Private Eye - Wallace Johnson
Clap Your Hands – Ambertones
Go - Little Johnny Hamilton & The Creators
The Phillie - M&M & The Peanuts
The Duck Part 2 - Jackie Lee
Dancin’ Everywhere - Bob & Earl
When One Of Them Won’t - The Turnarounds
The Life Of The Party - Joan Moody
Do It - Pat Powdrill